Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is iKodeko Services?
  • iKodeko Services is the driving force for me to pursue further IT developments. iKodeko Services will provide various services from system development to entertainment. iKodeko Services will try to bring to you various products that are still not available in the Internet.

  • Where did you get the name iKodeko?
  • iKodeko was the first formal name for my IT hobbies. It was first Kodeko. In our society, 'ko' means mine. So Kodeko is the combination of two words 'Code' + 'ko'. This means literally 'my code'. I just added the 'i' in iKodeko to show that iKodeko is 'Information Related' or something related to the Internet.

  • Why did you start www.iKodeko.com
  • There are 3 reasons why I started iKodeko.com
    • The first reason is hobby. I am interested in programming and I spend most of my life sitting in front of a computer. I want to create various things from various programming languages and combine them to create new ones.

    • The second reason is sharing. I want others to see my work. I want others to benefit with what I have done. As you can see, all of the services here are free. As I develop one project after another, more users will benefit, and that would be good.

    • The third reason is repository. Without a central repository of my works sooner or later, my small programs, games and scripts will all be gone. Just like what happened to most of my codes when I am still young. With this central repository, I can gather all of them and maintain them in one central place you will call iKodeko.com. Is it not great?!

  • How Many Visitors had been to your site?
  • We had { } unique visitors for the past 5 days. The most number of visitors in a day is 0. As of this moment, this site already have unique visitors. We have an average of 0 unique visitors for the last 5 days. This counter was started on November 23, 2005. This figure is the actual number of unique visitors. This is the number of unique IP addresses recorded. Users returning back to this website with the same IP address are not recorded anymore. This website is running for 5779 days.

    The page views count starting from October 7, 2007 is . Highest page view count is 0. The average page view for the last 5 days is 0

  • What is QuizBuilder?
  • QuizBuilder, as the name implies, it is a tool to build quizzes. Quizzes, exams, tests,whatever you call it, you can make it here. The purpose of iKodeko Quiz Builder is to provide an environment where students can prepare for the real exam. This will be a very good place to discuss questions that will come out in the actual exam.

  • How can QuizBuilder help me?
  • There are a number of ways QuizBuilder can help you. As long as you are faced with examinations, QuizBuilder can be a great use for your success.
    • Taking college entrance examinations.
    • Tests for assessing employee standards in a company.
    • IT certifications like A+, MCSD and many more.
    • Exams for subjects like Calculus, Algebra and Physics.
    • Government examinations like Civil Services Exam.

  • Do I have to pay to use QuizBuilder?
  • The use of QuizBuilder is absolutely for FREE! You can create and take exams for free. The main idea of QuizBuilder is to help users and organizations create online exams.

  • How sure are you that Quiz Builder can help me?
  • The database of iKodeko Quiz Builder is growing continuously. It contains already 12078 questions. That would be an average of 3 questions per day. This website is running for 5779 days. We encourage everyone to create their own free reviewers. This will help students test their skills.

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