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[emjr05]grabe ang gulo ng sagot .... anu ba talaga??  ; [emjr05]6  ; [Guest]positively charge pag uminit ung kmay mo  ; [castimont]haha funny kaayo ni  ; [Guest]theodore roosevelt  ; [musiciswhoiam_mesha1596]How come ?? :/ tss  ; [musiciswhoiam_mesha1596]dapagt ang sagot 7(x+2) dba ?? dba ?? T^T  ; [musiciswhoiam_mesha1596]nalito naman ako .. ba't naman kc TIMES yung ginamit na term ng x ?? hmmp .. :/  ; [musiciswhoiam_mesha1596]why 30 ?? dba equal un ?? tsk :/  ; [pauleentin12]whaa ! it really buggles my mind .. :3 thanks for the help guiz .. now i know .. :D  ; [Guest]4 1/2???!!!! this is stupid! please don't mislead others!  ; [tyrone_25]from the equator. latitude is from prime meridian. fix the answer bcz its telling me that that the correct one is prime meridian when it's supposed to be equator  ; [sara]asar! there's no word exhilirated! should be exhilarated!  ; [sara]the answer is correct! maintenance!  ; [sara]haaaay! sana puro ganito lang sa exam :D  ; [sara]13 fifty-cent coins confused me:( I added 13.50 to those numbers instead instead of 6.50.  ; [pauleentin12]ulol  ; [minmin] Si aristotle nman talaga :3  ; [maemarie]HAHA. OO NGA  ; [emjr05]KALOKOHAN!!  ;


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Popular Quizzes
  • College Admission Test
  • Common Misspelled Wo...
  • Vocabulary Words
  • English Words Correc...
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